1) Agencies reach a sufficient number of program participants, depending on whether declared or registered programs and, when necessary, may partially or completely cancel 7 days before beginning. The consumer has the right to refund the entire fee. In this case, the consumer’s right to compensation is not born.

2) If the Consumer gives up until 30 days before the start of the program and cancels his registration, the entire fee will be refunded. However, since tickets are purchased as group tickets for flights, trains and ship-related tours, the excuse is not valid for cancellations after registration and the plane, train and ship tickets are not refunded. Cancellation and refund conditions of carrier companies apply for plane, train or ship tickets.

3) All expenses incurred for visa procedures are charged to the Consumer if the trip is cancelled by the consumer and the relevant consulate does not issue a visa.

4) The consumer agrees and undertakes to pay 35% of the price of the program and the entire price to the agent after 15 days if the reservation is cancelled for any reason 29-15 days before the start of the program.

5) No Name Change can be made on scheduled flights. If the consumer loses their travel documents, they are obliged to pay the fine imposed by the relevant air, iron and sea route.

6) If the consumer does not inform in writing that he or she will participate in the program that he or she has missed, the agent has the right to cancel all reservations made on behalf of the consumer 24 hours after the start of the program. In such cancellations, no refunds are made to the consumer.